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Welcome to the Dolly Wiki
The online reference for the Triumph Dolomite and its derivatives.

What its all about

The idea behind this site is to promote the ownership of the Triumph Dolomite range of cars by providing a freely available and easily searchable knowledge base of all things related to the Dolomite and all its derivatives, especially focusing on technical maintenance.

A Wiki is the ideal tool to do achieve this.

Join in
Photograph: M.M.Minderhoud

If you're a bit special with a socket set around a Dolomite or Toledo this Wiki needs you. So why not join up, share the knowledge and help others keep those Dollies on the road.

Questions and Comments Ask a question
Is this site run by a club?

No, this is site is run independently by an enthusiast who has owned a Dolomite for the last twelve years. It is here to compliment the resources made available by the various clubs.

I'd like to contribute but I'm no good with computers.

Posting or editing an article is really straightforward, have a look here.

I might accidentally break or delete something

Don't worry you can't do any damage, anything you might do wrong can be easily rolled back to how it was before and no one minds anyone making a genuine mistake.

but I'm really no good with computers.

OK you've convinced me. Its still not a problem though, just click here and paste your content into the form and I'll do the rest.

Dolly of the Month
Austrian registered Dolomite Sprint. Photo: B Kaineder

If you have a photo you would like to appear in this space join up and upload it.

How many left

How many left is a fascinating site that shows just how many (or how few) of the once commonplace Triumph Dolomite family remain today.

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